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These days there is a lot of talk about “work/life” balance.  But how many of us actually manage to practice what is preached?  Sadly, all too few of us manage to get the right balance in our lives, and are constantly running to catch up with ourselves, our families, and our work.

Having had the same experiences, we at Venta set out to provide a service which minimises the amount of time you need to spend managing your financial affairs.  Do you need to take time off to visit us to talk about your finances?  No.  You can talk to us through Skype or just email (you can come and visit us if you wish though!).  Do you have to drive around to deliver all your documents and information?  No.  You can scan and lodge them through our secure website.  Do you have to worry about how the work is progressing?  No.  We will tell you when we are going to do your work, how long it will take, and will stay in touch with you so that you have peace of mind that your affairs are being looked after.

Does this mean our service is less personal?  Of course not.  We are passionate about our quality of service.  But we do take advantage of technology to give you back one of the most important areas of your life; time.

 So is Venta for you?  If you want to get back part of your life, we are the service you need to work with you to achieve it.

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The money you pay Venta for completing your tax return can be used next year as a tax deduction.
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