How it works

Using Venta Belgarum for your tax return isĀ easy. We understand Australian tax - and we understand how it applies to you.

Step One

Calculate a Quote

Our online quote calculator is free and instantly returns a value for you to work with. Although the quotation is a guide only, it will give you a good idea of our prices and what to expect.

Step Two

Sit an Interview

Our interview process is fully online and consists mainly of yes/no answers. If supporting documentation is required, the interview tells you.

Step Three

Supply Documentation

At a minimum you will need to supply your previous tax return. If you are required to provide further information (based off your interview), the system will populate your Documents area with the pending information. You can choose to upload or post each document.

Step Four

Receive Pricing and Pay Deposit

Venta will automatically generate a deposit bill you can pay on completion of your interview After a Venta associate has prepared your tax return, a bill will be generated for any extra over the deposit. This must be paid before Venta will submit your final tax return to the ATO. Work will begin on your tax return after receiving the deposit and all required documentation.

Step Five

Tax Return

Venta will post you a package containing your tax return, any original documents supplied by you, and a stamped self-addressed envelope. You will need to simply pay any outstanding amounts to Venta, sign the return and send to us in the envelope we provide. Once we receive your signed tax return, we will submit it to the ATO.

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